Heat Maps That Reveal Exactly Where People Look

16 Heatmaps That Reveal Exactly Where People Look

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/eye-tracking-heatmaps-2012-5?utm_source=mostread&utm_medium=rightrail&utm_term=&utm_content=3&utm_campaign=recirc#men-spend-more-time-looking-at-the-woman-while-women-read-the-rest-of-the-ad-1#ixzz1vow0qnaX

This is fascinating, if its true.

Why are dudes looking at the baseball player’s crotch?

I do it too…you naturally want to focus on the visual center of mass.

So every time I use a speedo on the beach chicks barely notice it and dudes are the ones who look at my bumpy schlong?!? Fuuuuuuu, that’s disgusting.

Anyhow. Obviously no science is needed to establish that dudes look at women’s rack and face for the most part. A better piece of information would be the ratio and sequence. To me is something like:

  1. face first for half second

  2. rack during two to five seconds if she’s not looking

  3. face again, just to pretend I’m not a pervert mofo

  4. rack again; repeat as long as possible.

^ that’s why some guys like to wear dark sunglasses, girls have no idea they are looking at their racks the entire time.

Am I the only female who took a peek at the guys’ crotches?

I thinks this makes a good point about Internet advertising though. Needs pictures.

I’m rather curious to see if there is a known celebrity in the ad, would people even bother to look at the logo and what they represent?

Did you look at the naked girl’s shoes like other women?

It would be interesting to see the same images broken down by sexual preference.

I recall looking first at her shoes. Then her hair and the curve in her back :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely surprised about the difference in men and women noticing the shoes. I have noticed, and observed in myself, that women don’t put make-up/nice clothes on to attract men, women put make-up/nice clothes on to intimidate other women. Intimidate isn’t quite the word I’m looking for - but just some way of ranking ourselves.

agree. this is so true.

Yes. That is true about makeup. Even in the middle east women who wear hizabs put on makeup.

Two completely unrelated facts. Pool season starts in about three hours. I bought a pair of mirrored aviators last week.

Yes, it took me a long time to realize how much of women’s lives are dominated by competition with other women. It’s more intense, more covert, and more all-encompassing than competition among men.

It’s also women who restrict the supply of sex.

Go with my logic:

Sex has economic value for women, and therefore the less quantity supplied the more value. The problem is, sex is a somewhat commodity-like and hence there is a free-rider problem. You can be a self-restrained virgin but if other women are cashing in, it decreases the price the virgin can command for sex with her. The solution: call other girls sluts in an effort to restrict supply. Or you can do the CFA program and not have to rely on sex for increasing your standard of living. New motto for CFAI to go along with their logo?

^ parts of that don’t make sense. you said less supply = more value. ok, so why do other women whoring it up decrease the “price” the virgin can command?

if many women are giving up the goods, doesn’t that further increase the “price” of the virgin?

Nope, will not increase the price for virgins because of the commodity-like market structure.

Other women whore it up because it is rational to be a free rider. The virgins are holding the price up, leaving an economic profit on the table, until everything comes back into equilibrium.

^ Women [ANY ACTION] because it is rational to [ANY CONSEQUENCE] = Fallacy of the century.

I love chicks though.

I didn’t say no consequence.

There are costs, to be evaluated at the margin. Observe what happened this century when costs came down.

…oh I get what you are saying now - can I pretend to be a male?

Wait, I don’t follow his argument. Generally, girls will call other girls sluts. Thus, they are making themselves look more pure, i.e. more like a virgin. If more sluts = decreasing value of virgins, why would girls want to create the impression that there are more sluts and that they themselves are virgin-like?

It seems more like pecking order behavior. Girls want a way to rank themselves. Since virgins > sluts, they call everyone else sluts. That is, they create the impression that their own sex is scarce and valuable, and that other girls’ sex is cheap (because they are sluts).