Hedge Fund Comp Sheet

Hi, I would like to create a comp sheet for a certain hedge fund. So for each comparable hedge fund, I would like to include Name of PM, Inception Date, Description of Strategy, AUM, YTD Returns, ITD Returns, Annual Standard Deviation, maybe a Sharpe Ratio, maybe a Top 5 Holdings, and whatever else I can get my hands on. So my two challenges are 1) Figuring out which HF’s would make good comps, and 2) Tracking down the relevant information. Can anyone suggest some good sources for this? I heard BigDough was good. Anything else?

I have access to a lot of that information but for obvious reasons can’t share it.

What generally is your access point? Internal information from a fof or investment consultant? Or a certain subscription-based website/database?

Hedge fund industry databases are notoriously inaccurate for several of the categories mentioned above.

There are lots of sources some more comprehensive than others. Most of the hedge fund databases are innaccurate and all introduce survivorship bias as reporting is generally up to the managers so there can be a tendency to report when things are going well and not report when not so well. A few to consider hedgefund.net, barclays, hedge fund research, morningstar, and MSCI.