hedge fund opportunity - craigslist LA's finest


Looks like Bro has been Busted!

its a new class of alternative investments. you know its a tough market when HFs are chasing alpha by hiring webcam whores :stuck_out_tongue:

i have actually seen some legit job postings on CL… including a HF that a few years ago was offering a 100k referral fee… and SPECIFICALLY noted that they preferred “CFAs’ > MBA”… that what sold me on the program.

My wife got an interview in a research lab of a prestigious university through Craigslist. Man, those nerds really have a bolt-together recruitment process.

Some CL are legit postings. I once had an interview with like a semifamous rising star BSD type who had opened a new firm.

Step 1: Hire models as spokewomen for hedge fund.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit


… wait for it…


The sad thing is, I think this might actually work. Capital is pretty much a commodity and most investors are pretty bad anyway – if you’re a limited partner, might as well get some eye candy for your money. Sadly, the way the world actually works, I bet some HCBs would drive a higher fee structure than some boring but effective people in suits. I’m clearly working at the wrong firm and need to relocate to LA ASAP.

Someone should drum up some pics of a hot chick and apply. Thinking about sending an email with some jpegs of some random hottie attached to see if I get a response. Can’t stop laughing, this is so friggin funny.

So, this is basically asking for women to do an online peep show for clients.

Does the hedge fund expect to generate more business this way?