Hedge fund quant black book

Anyone read this in its entirety? (frank) Semester started already, and with 5 acc. classes in the fold, very little time and two weeks left before d-day, I’m considering not finishing it and going straight to the 5 practice tests. (read only 1/4) For those that read it, how essential do you think it is for the quant section (37.5%)? is the kaplan enough. (for sake of taking the exam questions rather than logical connectivity)

BTW, has anyone purchased the online kaplan practice exams???

i read the book in entirety. i guess you can go on without it and just use the Schweser notes since the equations are the same. the book is good, but you can pass the exam without it i would guess. the book just gives a more thorough perspective. i want the practice exams too. i only got the schweser exams, anyway you can hook me up with your 5 practice exams?

The book is good, but I agree with F*Arabia, you can live without it.

cfa mba caia have you taken the L1 exam? how many of the questions did you find revolved around memorization of facts i.e distribution returns for private equity funds, managed futures returns distribution, authors of research studies. what are some things you would do differently if you were to take the exam again?