Hedge Fund Recruiter in San Diego

Does anyone know a good hedge fund recruiter in San Diego area?

what would he do there? what hedge funds in san diego

I know San Diego isn’t a hotspot for financial jobs, but are there any good asset management companies there? Is Pimco in Newport Beach or moving to LA my best bet?

There may be some VC down there. Lots of research related to military contracts. Not sure about actual asset managers. Presumably there will be some private wealth shops.

Thanks for the input guys. There are actually ~10 hedge funds and 10-15 1 bln+ asset management firms in San Diego, the largest being Nicholas-Applegate (Alianz). My guess is that there is probably no recruiter who focuses exclusively on San Diego, but there may be some that cover Orange County or even LA and San Diego.

Can’t help with recruiters but I noticed the Journal of Investment Management is having a conference in San Diego next weekend (see below); it may be worth trying to attend or hang around or whatever. https://www.joimconference.com/index0.asp

Thanks Captain.

Brandes Investment Partners Probably one of the best AM out there.