Hedge Fund Recruiting - Advice Needed!

Do hedge funds recruit more from IBD analysts or from Investment Management firms? I currently work in the front office of a well known Investment Management firm for almost a year and a friend of mine wants to bring me on his IBD team as a second-year analyst at a bulge bracket bank. I’m not sure if it would be worth the jump for recruiting / b-school purposes because I have already jumped twice since I graduated college in 2008. (Back office job to back office job to current front office job). Advice?

Not worth it.

It’s impossible to give advice since you don’t say whether you’d rather be a banker or work in asset management. Unless your current job is for one of the top hedge funds, the banking role is likely more prestigious and will pay more down the line. Not all BBs are equally good, either.

i dont get what youre asking here.

why do you want to go to b-school if you’re already in fo? i’d jump if i were you

4 jobs in less than 3 years would be a lot.