Hedge fund trading interview coming up

The regulatory juggernaut is slowly squashing the derivatives industry where I work. So, I’ve got an interview lined up next week with the execution trading boss at a macro hedge fund. It is the “informal” interview that precedes an office visit.

What sort of questions should I ask? I can talk all day about derivatives, but I know little about conventional hedge fund stuff - how they are structured or managed, what factors are important in deciding whether to work there, hot industry news, etc. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Do something outrageous at the interview like urinating on the interviewers desk. Just make sure to recognize the opportunity by filming it and put it on youtube. Collect bonus instantly. Remember me when you’re a millionaire. Seriously though, good luck.

I’m currently at a hedge fund, feel free to drop me an e-mail with any specific questions- sundevl216 at gmail dot com

Always quick with the great advice!