Hedge Funds and Private Equity Alter Career Calculus

Not sure if you guys saw this, but it’s an interesting read for those people thinking about b-school. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/16/business/16mba.html?em&ex=1190260800&en=dbbf116c9fb175c6&ei=5087

interesting read

funny, i thought this was old news, ie you dont need an mba for hedge fund positions. now IB, sure go get your harvard/wharton mba, esp if you want to be MD in IB.

As a JHU grad, it’s nice to alumni see them mentioned for anything besides medicine. Also, how difficult is it to get into one of these hedge funds as an analyst? Is it something done after a few years of finance at another big firm, or straight out of undergrad? And what kind of lives do these people live - Ibanking hours and stress?

my understanding is that you need 2-5 years of IB experience at a top tier bank and have to be a top analyst in your IB class. That accompanied by a solid GPA, again from a top tier school

i’ve been thinking about this on and off all morning. what do people think? is an MBA from a good school worth it? is it a waste of time? should we all rely on our wealthy families and friends to give us five million dollars so that we can start hedge funds during raging bull markets? (just kidding, its possible that the guy actually does have some skills.) one issue related to the MBA that i have not been able to reconcile is this: a lot of people seem to think the degree provides little in terms of educational benefits, but if that’s true, why is it a two year program? people can’t possibly be spending THAT much time on recruiting, so there has to be some learning going on.

i think those MBA programs definitely give you a good education. The problem, most people have little appreciation for the finer things in life. Rather, they focus on what they can get other people to do for them if they do something, which is contrary to education, since an education is suppose to be for you doing something positive for yourself. I have never been in an MBA program but i bet my bottom dollar that if you’re there to learn, you’ll get a lot out of it.