Hedge Funds Level II

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what are the most important topics from a testability perspective for Hedge Fund section of Level II.

I am not referring to specific questions, but to specific chapters you may think are most relevant.

Thanks for your help!

also want to listen

Defo study and restudy the binomial pricing on bond and stock see Relative Value strategy, got the questions 2 times in a row. 1st time didnt pass level 2 and this time,I felt much more confidenceā€¦
Got a few questions on volatilty and leverage see Topic 7.6 and 8.1
Got also questions on Topic 2.7

For level 2 candidates, I advise strongly to use the free resources like the 113 Sample Exam Level II and more importanly the 253 pages of Workbook Level II . Questions are more in aligned with the exam !!!

Good luck folks fo those who can attend the test, :+1:

Can i ask how accurate is the sample exam format to the actual one? I noticed that the 113q sample exam dont have too many questions on calculation, but qualitative in nature.