Hedging FX exposure in small ptf?


I’m an european investor with a huge exposure to USD and I would like to hedge this exposure as I believe the dollar will depreciate against the EUR. I’m having trouble finding a good hedge since my ptf is small.

Options are really expensive and an ongoing charge… I’m not really confortable with futures as I don’t know much about and the contract sizes should be to great for me eitherway,

I have been looking at some currency etf’s as I have spare cash I do not plan on investing so I don’t mind holding it for hedging purposes (not gaining in the bank either way). I found one called Invesco CurrencyShares EURO Trust but it’s denominated in USD so it would be pointless (since the amount gained in the etf would be offset when I later convert back to EUR) right?

Do you guys have any other suggestion?


What about investing in a currency hedged etf or a usd bear fund like UDN?

Hey, the USD bear funds are also quoted in USD so for an EUR investor it would not make sense right? I could not find any in EUR…
most of my positions are in single stocks so can’t really go the etf route…~

Do you know of any ETF in EUR for short US or long EUR?

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