Hegelian Dialectic Investing

Do any of you guys believe in the hegelian dialectic?


This sounds like some B.S. created by a philosophy Ph.D and zero real-world experience.

looks like a solid path to achieve Hegelian Dialectic bankruptcy.

If anyone can filibuster a long-winded tale of sophistry and fill up several pages in order to describe an otherwise simple concept that could be expressed in one or two sentences of clear-headed thought, it is a philosopher.

I more so meant from a macroeconomic standpoint.

Certain world events seem to follow the principles of the hegelian dialectic. If you apply it to politics/corporate objectives, the broad philosophical standpoints are being applied to everyday society.

It was on x-files the other day and it was interesting.

A recent example is the FBI vs Apple court case and how the FBI wants apple to create the remote backdoor to access to shooter’s phone. McAfee creator goes on the news to tell everyone that you don’t need this and the FBI is just using it as an excuse to get access to all phones. Gov wants members of society to openly hand over civil liberties for a ‘safer’ world.

It’s all about corporations and government organizations creating a worldwide hegemony - it’s interesting but screams conspiracy theory. So, if you did believe in this stuff, you could apply it to macro analysis and be able to pinpoint how certain events would influence markets in the long run, possibly yielding more accurate market predicitons.

Just ask the Bilderberg Group.

wait how did the fbi unlock phones before?

they want apple to build the code to do it remotely.

If they have the phone in their possession, as they do now, it’s apparently not a big deal

recommend any material?


David Hume could outconsume Schopenhauer and Hegel.

If you short Hegelian Dialecticism, don’t you get Marxism??