Helicopter money? Yay or nay?

So looks like the markets are giving the central banks the middle finger. We’re not even seeing a dead cat’s bounce after these interventions and liquidity injections. The state is thinking about handing out 500 billion USD to citizens aka helicopter money. I don’t like making predictions but if they move forward with that plan and it doesn’t work, all hell will break loose. The economy will be a ship without a captain and subprime will look like a walk in the park in comparison.

If they are going to do this, the amount they send out should be based on how much tax you paid. I don’t see why a negative NPV person should get the same amount as me.

imo they should. just so people can make their payments. ubi for all during times of crisis. if you destroy the credit of regular people who are unemployed due to bad policy. this will easily spiral out of control. corporate america is about to blow up as well, as their revenue goes away. they need to stop with this foolish half assed prolonged quarantine, and just let it spread or tighten it hard and wipe this disease out. this isnt the bubonic plague with a 60% mortality rate. this is covid with a 0.2% mortality rate for people ages 0 to 50.

I thought I was always 100% against bailouts, but this appears to be one situation I’m cool with the government throwing money at people and businesses. This wasn’t stupidity like the financial crisis where I do believe we should have let all those companies burn to the ground. This current situation is more like an alien invasion. We need to hunker down, stick together, and not die.

Please return your libertarian card. Thanks