Hello Friends

3L is back yo… I will start studying in Feb…till then, I would like to meet/chirp all the peeps I don’t know… to those who know me…what up.

U went to India?

Houston, whats up my spicy masala indian girl? I went for 3 weeks…did the whole tour thing and saw everything. Have not been since i was 7, it was great to see family again there… How have you been? Have you started studying yet - whats your game plan???

welcome back letters.

Good to have you back 3.

3L will be transposing his handle about 8 months from now.

“Houston, whats up my spicy masala indian girl?” Paki babe, Paki. That’s awesome, where’d you go? Better yet, should I expecting a sari in my mail anytime soon? I haven’t been since 9, really miss it. would love to go travel for a bit. No, haven’t started yet. Will do it in a week or so. Have you?

So 3L, you go through the Six Etiquette as well?

3L did you do Kerela, I am off there next week…