Hello House, New Here

My background is in accounting and have been working as store officer in a company

for the 5 years.

I learnt about CFA in a financial magazine and i really like the designation.

The reason why i register on this forum is to know what steps to take to earn the


Counting on your help.


Check this website out first.


Bwa ha ha…seriously!

‘we are all dumber now’

What is a Store Officer?

Sounds a lot like a made-up, BS title. Kinda like Community Organizer.

The OP “ilove fca” actually loves cfa!! Not because of any reason other than he/she merely "really like the designation" about which he/she learnt in a finacial magazine while entering the details of the magazine in the store-register and glancing through it. I, may be some others on AF too, thought it is a post from “ilove cfa” not …not 'i love fca’!

maybe “ilovecfa” is already taken?

Anyway, welcome on board!

Since you don’t have the pressure from work to pass the exam (i assume it’s not a requirement as a “store officer”), the best approach is to study diligently and learn the knowledge instead of trying to find “tactics” to pass the exam (if they even exist).

Good luck~ :slight_smile:


I really advise you to think alot before wasting your time, money and effort.

CFA is very useful designation, but NOT for everyone and not useful for so many jobs.

Think if you really need it. You can try CFA level I exam and decide

Good Luck