Hello! New L1 Starter Here

So after working 5 years in Finance and a further 3 in the Commercial sector doing financial analysis/budget management/strategic planning I’ve decided and realised to further my career and hit the Directorship I need a CFA.

My background is very mathematical with a joint honours degree in Maths/Stats and a Masters in International Finance.

I’m well aware of the challenges and time commitment invovlved in the CFA which is why i’m signing up to do the L1 exam in Dec 2013 this year to give me plenty of time to get into a good study routine.

So i was wondering what “tools” are necessary?

I’m looking at the following:

TI BA2+ calculator

I use my ipad 3 with love for pretty much everything I do so am thinking of using it to its fullest extent with the CFA Curriculm ebooks (or at the very least picking up a second hand macbook air to study from as this seems the simplest way to do things).

What other accessories/tools did you find absolutely necessary to study and for the exam?

I’m having fun trawling through this website with tips and tricks and would appreciate any and all help since this is something I’m commited to doing and my wife thinks its the best decision to make :slight_smile:

Oh and I’m in Sydney so if anyone knows of any support group or help or study groups or whatever would be keen to know!