Hello to everyone from Singapore!

Anyone from Singapore taking Level 1 this June?? Do share here how you are preparing for the paper and what material you are using. We can all form a group and meet up during weekends to discuss too. By the way i took the exam in Dec’ 07 and failed, mostly because i concentrated a lot on calculations rather then the understanding of the concept. I hope i can clear Level 1 this time. Good Luck to all!

welcome! :slight_smile: on the same boat as you…

Cool. Great to know that i am not alone! :slight_smile: Are you going for any classes?

no i’m using the same materials from 07 and supplement it with the one i receive from CFA institute…u?

Same here i would be using the 07 materials together with CFA material and i will also sign up for the Qbank.

Hello all!! I am from Singapore too! I cleared L1 last Dec but I’d not be sitting for L2 in 08. Will take a 1 yr break. :slight_smile: nonetheless if you want, add me on msn and I’d be more than happy to try to help u out if u have qtns on the material my msn is f_chay@hotmail.com

Congrats on passing level 1. I would definetly need some advice from you. Will chat with you soon when you have time. Thank you!

Hi Ashwin, I would like to join the study group as well. I too failed L1 in dec. Please drop me a msg. cfakiller@gmail.com thx.

Hi Shinkansen please check you mail. And good luck for the June paper!