First off, good luck to all of you waiting for the Level II results. I feel ya, cause I was in the same boat waiting for the Level 1 results a couple days ago. I’ll think happy thoughts for you guys. Passing level 1 got me all excited about doing well on level II. I probably won’t start preparing for it till Dec but I perused the old posts to see what it takes to pass level deux. This is what I gathered… 1) Stalla videos are better (especially Peter Olinto’s parts) 2) People seemed to prefer Schweser notes and Qbank over Stalla’s notes and Passmaster. 3) People seemed to think CFAI questions at the end of each reading and mock exams were really helpful. I think my strategy is going to be… - Start studying in December. - For each study session, watch the stalla video first, read the schweser notes and answer the CFAI questions at the end of each reading. - Make my own outline after each reading. - Finish going through all the material by Mid Apr and for the last month and half just do as many qBank questions, schweser practice exams and CFAI mock exams I can get to. I didn’t use the forum much for Level 1 but I have a feeling I’ll be a regular while preparing for Level 2. See y’all in Dec. Level 2 guys…G’Luck!! -Sri.