Help a poor level I!!

Hello all, Given that you guys have done what I am trying to do i.e pass Level I, I would appreciate a little pointer: How good are the schweser exam really at predicting your score for the real thing? I have done all the mocks and got an average of 75% and maybe a sd of 2. I only broke 80 once. I averaged 77 on the CFAI mocks. I am worried as I am still a bit close for comfort to 70 and I only used schweser: I reckon this year they may make a point of asking stuff not well covered in Schweser as they sent out their material by default for the first time. Assuming all else constant, can I be cautiously confident or should I still be soiling my pants? B.

i wouldn’t worry

If you’re consistently hitting >70, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your scores sound strong. At this point I would spend some time stepping back and looking at big picture conceptual issues, as that’s where you will score a lot of points. You will be very surpised how little you need to use your calculator on the exam.

i had pretty similar scores. i only used schweser. i wouldn’t go out and party tonight and tomorrow, but you should feel pretty confident. but you still show up and kick ass on saturday. good luck.

sounds like ur money

yeah you look good, i was pretty paranoid about level I also – but in retrospect (specially now after studying for L II) if you getting over 70 you studied too much for level I !!! although it will help when u get here

63% on Schweser would still do it.

Thank you all for your comments: it sounds like I have no need to panic, though I shouldn’t get smug either. I’ll be much less stressed once I get my final (passing!) scores. Anyway back to US GAAP vs IFRS :slight_smile: B.

i only used schweser and averaged in the low 70s on schweser exams and failed all 5 CFAI samples and passed. you are in good shape. expect a lot of it to feel a lot easier than schweser on d-day.,756230