help~about funds of operation/total debt

in sample 2, there’s one q asking about this ratio, and in the solution, the total debt excludes Current Liabilities. However, in Mock 1, there’s one q also asking about this ratio, this time, total debt include the Current Liabilities. Did I miss anything in the vignette?

CL should not be in the formula. This q is on the mock and on a sample and both do not include CL in the denominator.

q 46 in mock #1 includes CL in the total debt number. Any ideas wtf? The answer sure does include it.

WHOA…I stand corrected.

I had the same question:,745081 Couldn’t find the answer in the CFA text either T/G

Quick question guys - are you talking about a FFO question in a CFAI mock? I skipped the formuales assuming that we won’t be tested on knowing something proprietary to S&P!

yeah, in text, it didn’t mention what the total debt is… what shall we do on exam?

My guess is that if they ask for “total debt”, they shall have total debt.