Help: Anyone having the same issue

As I am revising I am finding out that I have forgotten the stuff I studied earlier. Is anyone else facing the same problem? Will this not be a problem when there will be three choices to select from? I have studied all this while with CFAI books and they are huge and now revision is taking considerable time. Even though while studying I highlighted the points I knew will require revision it still is a lot. I have complete Book 6 [Derivatives & Portfolio Management] to revise tomorrow (8-9 hrs). Any suggestions how I can optimize it?

Schweser notes could have helped u… I’d say go over the CFAI mock exam, both sessions, take note of all the concepts they cover, and focus/revise those… in large sections, such as FSA and Equity, they cover pretty much everything u need to know (topics i mean, although the specific question might be on one aspect of that topic) This should narrow it down for u… As for the forgetting part, we probably all have some sort of feeling like that…I’m gonna go over the formulas at the end of each schweser book and in the quicksheet so that they stay fresh in mind for the next day.