I have premium account in IFT enrolled for december 2014 exam back in April itself.When I asked the IFT team for the access of online class they have asked me to pay 100 USD extra for it.This is to tell you that I’m not fiancially so strong sir. I enrolled myself with IFT because it was the cheapest and the best option.In India 1 dollar=60 rupees.Please I kindly request you to provide me the access to your online class so that I can develop my knowledge.Please help the Needy sir.Awaiting a reply from you.


Koomer the Kool - legend

r u appear for lvl 1 in dec.? brah i wish i could loan u money but im not financialy strong either. i work 3rd shift in a warehouse in the south. i got biz degree and gettin mba and took cfa, but i feel ur pain. if u fly to usa we could meet up and do study group. are u comin to usa soon?


Thanks IGOR …I wish I wud come to USA and meet u one day Project Pat…Still there is no reply from IFT team nor Irfanullah Sir

thanks kumar kool id like to meet u too and show u tennesee. we can study and by study i mean get some steel reserves and hennessy lol. hope u pass brother


whatya guys smoke down there? blak n mild or dutches or swishes?

big poppa wrap or grape swisher swet

Does the CFAI do drug testing/screening? LOL Holy smokes, Project you make the day lighter man.

You need not to pay a single penny anymore as the access to online class is included in the premium package. I think you should call the IFT team and get your problem solved or other means like FB page of IFT to inform Arif Sir about this.