HELP! career change


thanks for clicking the thread after seeing the big HELP! means you really care :slight_smile: im currently interviewing for an Internal Wholesale position at a Major Fund Company in Canada,

the base is 50k + commission.

please help me understand what the day to day woud look like as an Internal Wholesaler, and what the targets are? what or how am i tracked? is it possible to make lets say 100k? if so, how much business do i have to close… and this business, is it clients im given? or do i proactivly go out and find? very confusing.

please help me better understand what im to expect.

thank you


why don’t you ask these questions during the interview minus the “possible to make…100k” part.

Interview should be a two way conversation - you are not going in for an interrogation with ICE.

no other comments? was looking for some advice.thanks

questions about the day to day are best answered by the hiring manager … did you talk to the hiring manager?

nope. so far i have only had the initial phone convo which now the HR is setting up an interview with the hiring manager. i just want to know ahead of time so i dont ask stupid questions, and to see if its even worth my time…the person interview is next week

Say that you’re a little camera shy

stallion, try and be a little more helpful

agreed. shame on u stall. tanks

I’ve been working inside sales for the past 2 years in Canada.

I always tell my friends that are interested in the role that your all-in pay will range from 80-120k a year depending on the territory you cover and achieving sales targets.

You will be tracked for the number of calls you make to clients and the quality of those phone calls with respect to driving business. Your outside wholesaler will be primarily the one driving/closing business with you doing most of the follow up and sourcing new leads for him to meet with within his territory.

You’ll be given a list of clients (advisors in your territory) that either own assets or are known to deal with mutual funds. Consider it kind of a warm lead.

me 2

Dig up the internal wholesaling thread - tons of good insight on there.

My experience - you’ll make 100k but lose your mind doing it. You’ll either be a pretentious call center scheduling for your external or make 50+ calls a day leaving voicemails.

Pros: decent cash, great hours, easy work, usually good looking girls

Cons: brain atrophy, suicidal thoughts, you may be the smartest person in the room