Help!’CFA are trying to void my level 3 result because of a minor first name mismatch

Hi everyone I’m desperate so any help would be super appreciated. I just got a letter stating that my level 3 exam results are void because of a first name mismatch between my account name (e.g. Sam) and my legal/ passport name (e.g. Samuel). Does anyone have any idea what I can do, I’m absolutely distraught after all that work I put in. I genuinely don’t think I could bring myself to have another go at level 3.

Have you phoned CFA Institute and spoken to someone there?

If so, what did they say?

If not, do so lickety-split.

Hi @S2000magician , saw you responded to my reddit post on this but will reply for postertity on this thread.

Contacted CDA customer service who said it was a Exam Security team issue and they would get in contact with, hopefully sometime within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Let us know when you hear from them.

If they try to make it final, there are avenues you can pursue, but I’ll have to do some digging. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that.

hahah nice

Call CFA I think like S2000 say. My friend had trouble onetime too. It was ok after.

Curious how this ends up for you.

I think it is dumb, but, why didn’t you start with telling them your real name is Samuel from the first get go? Either way to make it to L3 before this was somehow a problem may be your best defense.

Id be ‘Inpeices’ if I had to redo an exam because of something like that though.