Help choosing the material Wiley or IFT or Schweser? [Two times faield]


This is my first post in this forum so please ignore if i make any mistake.

So here is the thing. i am one of those guys who tired to read everything from Original CFA curriculum. I have already appeared twice for level II and failing at band 5 in 2015 and band 9 in 2016. I used Schweser notes both time but i feel like they don’t cover all the topics in detail. So i end up reading from original text which takes lot of time. In the end i am not able to revise or do enough questions.

I do self study without video lectures etc. I prefer printed material as opposed to the ebook format. I was thinking of changing the study material and wondering if it is it good idea to go with Wiley Level II CFA Self-Study Course - 2017 (Print) or IFT Level II : Notes and Question Bank $199 or keep using Schweser.


My advice is pick up schweser 2017 and study them and after each study, do the CFAI curriculum end of chapter questions and Kaplan end of chapter questions. If you can, listen to Schweser videos or IFT Videos, I prefer IFT for videos. After listening to each video, practice the end of chapter questions in the curriculum again. Make sure you do those questions multiple times before exam and if you have some time, you can read the schweser notes over again sometime in March. It is important that you do as many questions as possible as you go on in the reading.

If you have Schweser Qbank, You can use it to solidify the concepts you’ve learnt. Don’t forget to do the Topic Tests on CFAI website. They are quite insightful.

It’s a lot of hardwork!!! And until one decides to pay the sacrifice, passing the exam might be impossible.

If you need a robust timetable (in excel format) that could help you keep up the discipline, send your email address.

All you need is little extra hardwork, you will cross the finish line.

Don’t over think Schweser vs Wiley vs IFT vs blah blah blah.

You said “In the end i am not able to revise or do enough questions.” Seems like you already know the main reason why you didn’t make it.

Is Schweser up to date for derivatives in 2017? Could someone with the 2017 notes comment? I’m thinking of buying Wiley just because I heard they update their notes more consistently than does Schweser.

I have the wiley 2017 notes and I can confirm that they are up to date with all the changes in the curriculum. To be safe go for both. I have the wiley silver course and the schweser Qbank and mock exams. The Wiley video lectures are great imho. Then again it depends on individual preference. IFT is also good with their videos. I believe that there is more benefit in practicing more than just studying.

Edit: After doing both the practice questions from both the prep providers, I think the Wiley questions are better. Better in the sense that they are more easily understandable. Schweser questions assume that you are studying from Schweser notes and so some of the verbiage may cause a disconnect. But having both and understanding both really helps.

WILEY, IFT and Kaplan are good study materials. Sometimes, only one study material may not work for all the topics so candidates refer to study material from multiple providers.The goal is to understand the subject upto the point of being able to solve the questions in the exam. Do CFAI curriculum end of chapter questions, mock tests and topic tests from cfa institute website.

If you were in Band 9, you are very close. In my opinion, you need to focus on your weak areas and practice little bit more. Keep studying. Good Luck.