Help - Closed End Fund Data

Hello, Can someone give me some direction on the following. I need to get premium/discount data for closed end funds (both equity and bond) as of a certain date (HISTORICAL, say February 1, 2007). Is there a website where I can go and download this information? I would also like to get dividends for those funds. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Try Good luck!!

Hi, I am aware of etfconnect, but that gives only current data. I need historical data. Is it available there and if so how to get that? Thanks.

Yes, I think etfconnect can give historical monthly end number, may not be the all the data. Sorry!!

bloomberg has it.

MFE Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > bloomberg has it. You must be referring to a Bloomberg terminal, right?

Did you try Morningstar by any chance. I think it carries historical data.

I do not have access to the bloomberg terminal and I could not find it on Morningstar. I think gives the fund data but it is current, not historical. Thanks for all your suggestions.

We use old issues of Barron’s. If you don’t subscribe, check to see if your local library keeps them on file.

Call the fund company. They will provide that to you. That is what I usually do.

I’ve used the WSJ before. I think they run a list on Mondays. You might be able to find an issue close to your date in the library.