Help, I don't understand currency or interest rate arbitrage :(

I’m really struggling with these arbitrage topics I’m gonig over and over them but I can’t get my brain around them. I get especially confused with big/ask currencies. Does anybody have a good way to understand this stuff? Did I miss any good threads on this? Thanks

The arbitrage topics , just try to reason it out in your head and it’ll make more sense, repeated read through it and try to understand it, if it says the investor, pretend you are the investor and actually try to see how you can make money off it. I like to say it out loud. It would be easier if you also post a problem here that you are confused with.

I think I really need some in person help because reading this stuff isn’t helping. Is there anybody in Manhattan who would be willing to walk me through arbitrage in person? I’ll buy you coffee/dinner. Pretttyyy please. I’m pretty sure I’m having a panic attack over this. fml

bump! I know some of you go to the starbucks on 28th and 3rd, please spare a few min to help me before I go nuts.

There are some good threads about this. Look it up. Or as the above poster said, post a problem and we will help you walk through it.