HELP! I lose steam midway into every mock exam.

Hello Forum members,

I rarely want to complete any mock examination as I find myself losing steam midway after trying my hands on approximately 40 questions.

The only time I had managed to complete one, I found myself guessing randomly the moment I went pass the 40 questions mark. Maybe it’s my energy level, or maybe it’s the anger of not getting some previously answered questions correctly or maybe it’s just sheer anxiety. Whatever it is, I need help, please!

With the exam less than 7days, I am deeply woried I might carry this over into the exam proper and so would like to listen to any useful tip of overcoming this disturbing habit.


Each right answer = 1 point.

Tackle the sections you find easiest first, then go to the harder sections.

Value your sleep and exercise and eat well. 3 hrs of focus is a skill that can be developed. Do a 42 question mock, then next day 48, 54, 60. You can do this.

I think you need a break mate. It’s Saturday night - some fresh air would do you good.