Help, I'm addicted to AF

I used to go straight to facebook or gmail when I logged onto my computer, now I go straight to this website. I spend way more time than I should opening random posts, not knowing the answer to the question asked, and freaking out. I probably end up spending more time worrying about being behind everybody on here than actually studying. Anybody out there feel my pain? Any solutions? Should I ween myself off slowly or just quit cold turkey? FYI - this is not an insult to this site, I’m just becoming a little obsessed

I thought about this last year in the L1 forum. You will see a lot of questions on the forum that you do not know the answer to because neither does anyone else, or at most, a few people. Candidates stumble upon the most difficult and arcane questions and then immediately run to AF to ask the masses. Just try to limit your time on AF. It sounds like it makes you fairly anxious about the exam so try to minimize that.

I get in the forum only when I start being lazy and I need some motivation or when I have difficulties with some problem in the textbooks. But usually I get the answers on the same day so I keep reading. I have still 680 pages left to finish my first reading of the CFA textbooks and not much time around. Then I have to make a lot of tests and make some revision. And all of this for less than 40 days!

If you read the form more than 30 minutes a day, you are making a serious injustice to your time. Don’t be fooled by the fake sense of knowledge you get, because in reality you are getting one or two good ideas after hours of sifting through general stuff, easy questions, wrong questions, wrong info, etc. Use the search function.