Help in Economics

Hi folks,

just wanted to check if you recommend Schweser or Wiley for Econ or any other material

I failed in Econ in Level 1 and again last year I failed Level 2 with Band 10 and again Economics was one of the subjects besides ethics and PM

Not sure, why I havent passed Econ yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion

Corriculum or Schweser

Econ I scored my highest marks on Level 1. I took Intermediate Micro and Macro in college and seen a lot of the concepts before though. In Schweser/Curriculum it is only 3 sections. I wrote out almost ver batum some of the text because it is so condensed in Schweser. Mostof these conepts in the Economics section are more concept driven. I thought Level 1 had more calculations with elasticity of demand and things like that. There are only a couple concepts that require calculation in Economics in Level 2. So focus on the concepts. They can ask you how relative PPP relates to uncovered interest parity for instance. So you need to read it out and write it out to understand it.

If you don’t get a good explanation google the term and read the wikipedia on it. You will be surprised what you find and how easy some of the concepts are…

I agree. There are only few concepts and, IMO this is the only topic which intends to be easier than on L1. Anyway, shouldn’ t be underestimated. Even FX forwards are better explained and covered later in Derivatives session.

Thanks guys