Help in remembering folulas?

With so many formulas to remember, does anyone have a formula cheat sheet to review? I figure it’d be a smart idea to regularly review all the formulas from all sections as I go on with the material, so it’s like an ever building library in my brain.

Any suggestions for remembering the formulas and not forgetting them once you move on to other sections?

Here’s are folula sheets:

The Elan Guide one has much more formula than you need to remember, and some outdated stuff. But still useful. No short cut to remember formula, learn them in the context that they are presented. On your first read, understand them rather than learning them by heart. While reviewing go over them again and they should stick. Flash cards help too.

Just try to understand the concept, how to build up the formula and only learn the core formula… Remind it after every 2 weeks after you learned by heard.