Help - L3 videos

So I’ve been doing the Schweser L3 videos…finding them quite awesome, considering I’m a more audio-visual person than a book-reading kinda guy. The videos helped me a lot in L2 as well (I made notes while watching the videos and that formed my study base). There was of course some material not covered in the videos that I had to pick up from the Schweser books, but going through the books obviously became much faster. I’m about a week or so away from finishing with the video watching (mainly GIPS, Ethics and Beh.Fin left), and was hoping to get an idea from someone who’s already been through them how much major additional/new material is there in the Schweser notes that aren’t covered in the videos already. I believe the Economics/BRICS portion is missing from the videos. Any other major chunks?

Thanks in advance!!

(Also, in-case someone is just about starting or is finding the books hard to read, do have a go at the video lessons. I agree Greg Filbeck can be a waste of time sometimes, but Bruce Kuhlman and especially Mark Lefebvre totally make up for it. Many of the concepts are presented in a way that’s easier to understand, as well as remember. Of course, everyone has their own best way of doing things - just my suggestion thats all for in case you need a change of routine)

I read the books while I did the videos. The videos covered everything in the books. However, the books went into more detail if you had a difficult time understanding the material (and the CFAI books go into even more detail).

If you have the discs, the original set did not include the Economics/BRICs section. They sent an email out a few months ago regarding that. They offered to mail you a new disc, or you can view the videos from their website once you log in (under “Schweser Video Instruction”).

I just got the Secret Sauce in the mail today. It is larger than the level II Secret Sauce (265 pages, not including the exam strategies section at the end). I am going to read it over many times, memorize the formulas at the back of the Schweser books, and take as many practice exams as possible. Hopefully that will be enough. Good Luck!