HELP! Lucked into an interview with a top hedge fund for startup work

MY BACKGROUND: I’ve been a commercial lead for 4 early-stage venture-backed startups (director of finance, COO etc). Never worked in ibanking or built sophisticated financial models other than the basic FP&A ones. I am confident in my ability to answer behavioral and leadership questions, but have no clue how to do “case studies” or build out LBOs in Excel.

MY ROLE: A top 10 hedge fund wants to interview me for an associate level role on the EIR/venture-building side where I would be helping form a startup within the company. None of this would be trading or PM work. I imagine a lot of it would be customer validation + aiding in product management.

QUESTIONS: I’m not gonna take this lying down. With 3 weeks to go:

Where do I even begin? Should I just devour 50 practice cases? I honestly don’t even know what these look like.

How much of these these cases are qualitative vs quantitative?

Should I assume that all of these cases involve a financial model of sorts, just because the role is at a hedge fund?

Have you looked at Glassdoor?

It doesn’t sound too quantitative. However, a top hedge fund would want people how can think on their feet. I would find three to five case studies and study them well (try to find a recent position they’ve put on). I would also be familiar with the companies capital structure, management, fees, IRR and recent deals, trades, etc. Understand the basics of an LBO and accretion/dilution model - you can find bare-boned samples on YouTube.

For icing on the cake and if time permits, I would prepare a stock pitch detailing the XYZ’s ability to generate returns on invested capital, how it can expand margins and beat competitors ( you know! using all 5 forces). Show a basic DCF with a valuation, entry and exist price targets. Read up on management past achievements.

It wouldn’t hurt if you knew Salesforce or whatever customer software interface is used to management clients.



Yes, you should check out Glassdoor.

They asked a lot of management consulting style questions. No financial calculations or Excel models. Made it through 4 rounds and still no offer. Thanks for helping anyways, guys.

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Sorry for their loss.