Help match my experience and what I like to do with possible careers

I’ve decided to switch careers and I’m checking to see if there are any great jobs that I’ve never heard of or are largely misunderstood.

Quck background: Finance degree, CFA candidate, no graduate level studies or designations. 7-10 years of experience in Corporate Planning/Business Development (Energy) and ER (bulge bracket firm) with lead coverage on a handful of names.

Likes: trading/investing/thinking about my PA and the markets, strategic/creative thinking, fundamental research, excel modeling, long-term planning, ad hoc project work

Dislikes: repetitive tasks or a set routine, performing unecessary tasks, corporate travel, writing long reports, face time, long hours

Basically I’m over doing something just for the money and want to get back into Corporate Planning/Business Development for the change in lifestyle so IB and PE are not being considered. Besides buy side are there any corporate jobs where you’re doing equity research type analysis without the report writing and client calls? Anything in wealth management that doesn’t involve sales? Should I just apply to McDonald’s and be a great fry guy?

Any additional career ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

high end gigolo

It sounds like you may want a corporate development gig. I was in corp dev for a couple years, and I really enjoyed it, and I’m actually looking to move back into it (currently in IR). It’ll most likely have a couple of your dislikes (travel, maybe long hours, and maybe face time), but m&a’in on the buyside can be fun and rewarding.

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