Help me finish prepare for Level III

So due to some work changes, I don’t think I can continue with my current study plan. I’m asking you guys to help me modify my plan so I have a higher chance of passing.


I work in Private Wealth Management, and part of my job has been writing IPS for clients. I’ve been doind this for two years. I cleared L1 in June 2011 and L2 in June 2012. Two weeks ago my work changed so I have much less time to devote to the preparation of the exam.


I was using the CFAI books to go through the LOAs of each reading and answering the EOCs. I feel this is the most complete way of studying and I was doing pretty well. My plan was to once I finished the material, to write as many mocks and possible and go through my weakest sections again.


I need to get through these sections as fast as possible:

Alternative Investments for Portfolio Management Risk Management Risk Manegement Application of Derivatives Execution of Portfolio Decisions; Monitoring and Rebalancing Performance Evaluation and Attribution Global Investment Performance Standards

This is what I have left to get through. I will have all Saturdays and all Sunday mornings to work on the preparing for the test.

Please give me some ideas as to how to finish my preparation.