Help me in leaving a topic

Hi Folks

I am planning to leave a topic of weightage of 10 % (12 questions ) as i am running short of time . It would be most probably Fixed Income as i will be taking too much time to understand .

Is it possible to pass if i get between 51 % to 70 % in rest 9 topics .

Please suggest

Fixed income has one of the highest potential weightings so I would not do that. Just try and get through the material quickly and gather as much low hanging fruit as possible if you really feel like you don’t have enough time.

Better to leave ALT it PM. Fixed income is too much!

1 question :

If I cover FI but leave another topic with same weightage or combination of topics with same weightage like (PM and AI , though i have covered it), will the impact different ?

I assume CFA doesn’t differentiate between topics , is my understanding wrong here ?

Already covered both :slightly_smiling_face:

And on top of it , is there any “low hanging fruit” in Fixed Income , it looks difficult to me . :frowning_face:

Please suggest some topics/Chapters so that i can concentrate on same

Suggest topics /chapters which can be covered quickly

Memorize the definitions/qualitative stuff/simple formulas 1. differences between structural and reduced-form credit models 2. differences between ho-lee/cir/vasicek models 3. differences between different interest rate expectation theories 4. learn meanings of spreads (TED spread, libor-OIS spread) 5. memorize CDS formulas also helps if you can memorize effective duration, and convexity formulas (and learn what they look like for bonds with embedded options). based on the practice questions, mocks, and EOC questions, binomial tree valuation is a must-know. if you skip this, you’re likely giving up 1-2 questions on the exam.

also, having a weak base in FI may spill over onto Derivatives, as there are several concepts which overlap.

This is absurd.

You can revised Fixed income completely in 2 to 4 days. So don’t leave it completely.

Just leave alt investments. I’m skimming through that one myself. Fixed Income is an important part of finance

If you’re running out of time, leave Derivatives if you’re weak at it. It weights for about 5-15 and just 3 brain storming readings. I’d rather work on other readings where I know i can make a difference than waste time on it only to end up understanding nothing. Just my opinion.

You can.

Just need 2 things:

  1. Have good luck on FI.

  2. Study hard the other ones.

Honest to god I feel more hopeless as we inch closer to the exam.