Help me to register

I am trying to register since two weeks, but I couldn’t make it. I don’t know where to go after choosing the exam center. There are only three choices: recalculate, Empty cart and check out. I don’t know what to do next. Please help

I think you should first enter the info abt your educational and experience. Once that is done…if u are trying to register through CFA website…u should select Jun 08 and exam center…etc and checkout…should ask you for making payment and you can do that through ur credit card. they will email you the tracking no. and material will be shipped and might reach you in a weeks time. All the best.

Thank you aditahuja I already entered all information needed. There is a check mark next to all information needed in the registration steps table except (Level I CFA Examination). Still I can not register please help

why don’t you call them? I didn’t have any probs registering, took me 5 min.