Help needed: Credit Market Overview

Hi guys, I would appreciate if someone could suggest a website able to provide a good overview on credit markets (CDS, CDOs, etc). I found that FT doesn’t have a good coverage on this… Thanks! :wink:

FT? Financial Times? What kind of overview are you looking for?

Hey Joey, I’m looking for an overview of current events and how they reflected on most important CDS indices Thanks

Look up CBOT Credit Derivatives Index

thanks :wink:

These are institutional markets so you aren’t going to find a website with all the info you are looking for in one place. Honestly various blogs about what’s happening on the street probably aren’t bad, but I don’t have any specific recommendations. The best source would be credit strategy pieces published by the sell side, but those are usually only available to clients. I doubt the CBOT index is all that relevant to what he is talking about, this isn’t widely used by industry participants. He’s talking about the various CDX indices (IG, HVOL, XO, HY etc), and presumably ABX, CMBX, and LCDX. You can find info about these as, they are the administrator for the indices. But as for trading levels and what’s been driving them, you need market commentary for that.