Help needed to buy a tablet

I am stuck deciding between an Ipad Air 2 and Galaxy tab S.My main use for a tablet is reading books,and playing games.I prefer the Ipad however I can only afford the 16gb version and I am wondering if thats enough.

My Main Concern in buying a tablet is its durability both in terms of the device and its software update

I recommend the iPad Air 2.


@Palantir.I am biased towards the iPad too,the limited memory is its only issue

^Storage not memory

I got the el cheapo Tab 4 8.0 from Costco for $200 a few months ago. Great value for the money and memory is expandable. I considered the Tab S 10.5, but didn’t feel like dropping $400 on a tablet that my kid is just going to throw around anyway. It’s very well-reviewed, though and, given the value of the Tab 4, I would expect it to be pretty good.

^Is the 8 inch version simillar to the 10 inch ? Since I think I wont be doing any heavy tasks I am also inclined towards this particular model

If I’m thinking about the right one (there are so many similarly named models), besides the size, the Tab 4 10 is essentially identical…including the resolution. The resolution (1280x800) is passable at 8" but becomes kind of crappy at 10. There’s the S 10.5, though, that has a resolution of 1600x2560. The display looks pretty awesome (better than an iPad, I think). That one is over $400, though… Probably best to see it in person to compare, though.

^This is just my personal and non professional/technical opinion but I think devices made by apple seem to have a longer life compared to every other android device.Again I am no expert,but I have seen a few android devices that just failed to start/charge/work after sometime.I know the number of devices in both populations matter but I have taken that into account.

Maybe get like 3 iPads, and that way, you can store different things on each iPad. This will solve your storage problem.

I don’t think that Android would have any bearing on this since it’s just the OS. There’s definitely a wider range of quality among Android devices, though, given that they’re made for different price tiers.

Apple products are mostly Samsung components anyway…

^Pure thinking outside the box

You’re all in.

I literally laughed out loud when I read this.

aight. as a person who has used 4 different ipad versions. size matters. every time u update, the size needed for the update gets bigger so eventually if u bought the cheapest version you will not be able to update. Also the first Ipad cannot update any longer. that being said. ipads rock. i use 3 really. 1 for work. 1 for home. and 1 that juss sits in my dash.

@Neryblop I guess I have to return my tablet and get a samsung galaxy s,because everone is saying size matters in this case and there is no way I am spending that much money on a 64Gb Ipad