help needed

first of all sorry to post this topic here since it is related to level 1 since results are 3 days away and we are facing some site problem like when we sign in we are seeing sign up for june and december …it is fearly since level 2 is not conducted in dec is it means we are failed? I just want some level 2 candidates to log in and let me know what link you are seeing ? plz help

chiank – would advise you to stop trying to login and trying to see what shows up on the cfai website. everyone is as usual really having itchy fingers - logging in, trying to see what happened - esp. in light of what happened during the level 2 results time around July. There are some who are real pranksters as well, trying to throw a scare into others, while trying to pacify their own fears as well. Would advise you to just log off from cfai website, and also from analystforum till the time of 9:00 am est on wednesday when you will be able to see your results for fact. just for your satisfaction - i am a level 2 candidate and have already signed up for the June 2009 exam, it still shows me sign up for June 2009 as well as sign up for Dec 2009. So it is no great shakes. Ignore all others who say things to the contrary.

If you’re referring to “Ouch! Results for L1 Delayed, per CFAI web site” by ditchdigger2CFA, it is a hoax post. Somewhat funny, but probably overwhelmed by the anxiety this joke is causing.