Hey to all the fellow CFAers out there… First of all, hope everybody is well through their studying, I’m almost done with my second review of CFA. I’m taking work off until the exam, so hopeful that I can go through the material thorougly till exam day. That being said, I found out this forum in 2007 and I’ve been a fan ever since. Passed L1 in June 08 (first try) Passed L2 in June 09 (first try) Failed L3 in June 10 (first try) Sitting for it again, can’t say learnt from mistakes as much as I can say that I’ve tried to give it more time as possible. Yesterday for the first time found out that CFA publish old morning exams (To my extreme shock). Did some google searches and was able to find online (CFA website) 2010 (Q&A) 2009 (Q&A) 2008 (Q only) 2007 (Q only) I was hoping if my fellow CFA L3s can help me out by sending to my email 2008 CFA L3 exam answers 2007 CFA L3 exam answers & any other old CFA exams, I don’t think I’d solve anything older than that unless somebody can convince me it’s a good idea. Other than that, I was hoping if people still have the old CFA mock exams (I don’t even have last years as I felt it would be jinxing myself). My email is And thanks in advance to anybody who can help a brother out. That being said, goodluck to everybody and hope we all pass on June 4.

Strong 1st post. Morning session Q & A since 2007 can be downloaded on the CFA website.

Thanks mate, I do have to admit that I feel a bit stupid given that I was able to find the 2 answers after your post despite 2 previous failed attempts. Can anybody help with the previous CFA mock exams as they focus on the afternoon type questions?

ask not what u can give to AF but rather ask what AF can give to you

I assume you’re quoting JFK, but I think you got it oppositely, or just being sarcastic