Help on Job Titel

Guys, I need your technical help regarding my new job title in English. In German, they use the term ‘Ertragscontrolling’, it is a corporate finance position. How would you translate Ertragscontrolling? Technically speaking, I only know sales controlling. But does sales controlling also include the gross margin analysis? Because we are only analysing revenues. Thanks, Marion

It is important in any job titel to be as descriptive as possible in the titel. I believe the direct translation for what you describe is, how do they say? Pencil pusher. But then again, I’m not an expert in the source language, so I could (most likely) be completely wrong.

If you are only looking at revenues, but not the associated variable costs, then I don’t think gross margin analysis is included. I would need to know more about what your specific job responsibilities are.

Thanks, no thats exactly what I meant; I only look at revenue figures. COGS is not included. Therfore, do you think that I can call this sales controlling?

Sales control, sales management, something along those lines.

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