I have not done portfolio management, economics or alternatives as yet. I have done revision for FRA, Ethics, Quants and Derivatives. I want to begin the practice tests from thursday when I have completed Portfolio management. I think doing pure practice tests from Thursday until the exam will hopefully be sufficient, that adds up to 8 days of pass papers with flashcards revision every night for 8 days in addition to some schewser Q Bank questions late in the night. What do you guys think? I also plan to cover alternatives and economics within 4 days. Help needed to prepare for the exam…I have covered the big topics solidly and I have a relatively good memory…I am thinking around 5 past papers should be enough, 3 from schweser, 1 from the local society in my country and the last one being the CFAI mock which i will go over very closely. THANKS FOR THE HELP.

Q Bank is good enough from now until the exam.

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