Help on this too!

Are we supposed to google if there is any company mentioned in the CFAI textbooks or is it me who can’t find their financial statements to which the text is referring to? Thanks

anish, well, you’ve managed to pose a very awkwardly phrased question. You’d probably be a strong candidate to write actual CFA Exam questions… So, are you supposed to google companies mentioned by CFAI? No. At your discretion, you can read more about the companies mentioned by CFAI if you’re interested. If you’re asking specifically about financial statements, you shouldn’t need anything beyond the portions CFAI reprints in its examples. Still interested in financial statements? Well, you can view condensed versions of them easily at Yahoo! and Google Finance. If you want the actual filings, try the company’s website (investor relations section) or go to SEC EDGAR, which is probably fastest. Happy hunting.

Aren’t most companies mentioned in CFAI fictitious like Mayor Oscar Hotdogs?

Thank you hiredguns. The only one I remember off the hand are Texaco and Holmen in Reading 21. I believe CFAI texts refers to their footnotes in that reading. Will post sprecific info when I go home today.

Ive noticed a certain proclivity for NHL hockey players used in examples. Off the top my head…Sergei Gonchar. There were several other players used in examples as well. Good stuff.

Sergei Gonchar… isn’t that a professional cyclist? good at time trials, if I remember correctly.

Anishcandy, you’ll find all the annual reports related to the White, Sondhi, & Fried FSA textbook here: Hope you find this helpful!

Thank you so much. That was helpful