Help OP with a job interview

That all sounds good. But sales will be important for your success, unless you are just hoping he’ll give you his clients. Being sales without knowing how your paid is strange

The less I know about how we’re comped, the more they’re free to make at the top.

Let’s not make this about OP’s current shitty sales job… let’s talk about the #upgrade

Basically, it sounds like you’re going to be his TAMP. If he has a $1b book, and he’s paying 25 basis points to a TAMP, then that’s $2.5 million he’s paying in TAMP fees. Instead of paying the TAMP $2.5m, he’s going to hire you for $100k. You then take the place of the TAMP. No real portfolio management decisions–just rebalance the account and invest/create cash. And it saves him $2.4m in the process.
That’s what it sounds like to me.

Well, as a guy who literally came up the ranks doing exactly that for the worlds biggest TAMP, in existence, I’d say I’m a perfect fit.

There’s nothing really unique about any of those SMA’s in my opinion either. Pretty sure even I could screen for low beta, high roi large cap stocks and blend them into a 50 stock portfolio and achieve similar results to any of those strategies.

Also, I’m here about the $100k…

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Good luck

Going to the interview today at the FA’s home. They invited me to their house for the interview and asked I dress casual.

It keeps getting better and better!!

I’d still go with dress pants/shoes and a polo or a shirt with no tie. Good luck man!

She legit said that her husband (the FA, she runs the recruiting firm) would be wearing shorts and a concert t shirt.

Dude, come on. That’s an invite to wear sweatpants!! Right?

i smell a hotwife, BDSM situation

Idk guys. I’d be surprised if they want to hire me.

They had a nice home though.

Why would you be surprised if they want to hire you?

Perhaps I’m just my own harshest critic.

The whole interview was pretty great actually. I was basically able to establish strong rapport right off the bat and maintain throughout. He asked me a couple hard questions though regarding some heavy asset allocation topics. Just tried to stick to the book on most of my answers.

Describe the house

can you layout the situation. where was the interview (which room), where was the wife, what food/drinks were offered…

Did you tell them about your portfolio returns?

The house? Man it was lovely.

I think you guys are being a little facetious, but we sat at their living room table and just chatted. He and his wife greeted me at the door, offered me a glass of water and talked for almost 2 hours.


Describe the wife

Sounds like the beginning of something I saw on Pornhub a while back.

I bet you sipped on
it like some fine wine though
And when it’s over, I press rewind though, ay