Help - Passed Level 1 in April 2022 and have not received a single interview


I really, really need some help.

I passed level 1 in April 2022 and I’ve not secured a single interview.

I’m a self employed paraplanner and have attained CFP designation but working towards shifting over into asset management - I’m particularly looking for an equity research role.

However, not a single interview procured. I’ve worked in private wealth management since 2014 and thought that this would help but it hasn’t. I feel that because I’ve had to focus on paraplanning for the time being to keep food on the table, my ability to hold conversations about the markets is deteriorating.

Is there anyone out there that could perhaps get on a zoom call with me to help me get back on track?

Any internet recommendations to keep up to date with what’s going on with the market, fed reserve etc other than Bloomberg?

I’m really losing all hope here :weary: