Help Please....Critique My Resume

I am considering applying to a number of jobs and would appreciate some criticism of my resume. You will notice that my experience is focused almost exclusively around retail financial sales, but a position that looks extremely interesting is one entitled Investment Management Support. I put a description of this position on another thread,647589,647589#msg-647589. Please let me know how I can frame my resume to highlight attributes that would be looked upon positively by recruiters. The formatting below is not what it looks like on the actual Word file. I am more interested in framing the individual bullet points or any other suggestions. John Smith 123 Main Streed Anywhere USA, 12345 Education Big 12 State University Anystate, USA Bachelor of Business Administration August 1997 Level 3 CFA Candidate Experience Major Mutual Fund Company Inc. Anywhere, ST Financial advisor 2004 – Present ·Served on a 6 member team that successfully increased assets under management by over $300 million over 3 years. ·Responsible for developing and implementing investment policy for over $100 million in new assets. ·Currently on track to attain 130% of stated annual sales target. ·Rated “High Performer” on most recent performance evaluation. IC Curriculum Redesign Team ·Served on an 8 member team tasked with creating content and implementing a training regime for new hires. ·Personally developed the training content detailing successful sales processes. Additional Projects ·Served on a team tasked with redesigning online operations manuals. ·Created presentations designed to increase financial acumen among associates. Meeting topics include: The Intersection of Statistics With Risk Management in Investing, The Risk/Reward Concept in Portfolio Design, The Effects of Interest Rate Changes on Stocks and Bonds, and Discounting Cash Flows to Determine an Appropriate Valuation for Stocks and Bonds. Major Discount Broker Anywhere, ST Investment Specialist I 2002 – Aug. 2003 ·Worked on a regional branch development team tasked with developing additional sales opportunities from new and existing Brokerage clients. ·Personally responsible for increasing assets under management by over $30 million. ·Partnered with external money managers to bring their clients onto the Brokerage platform. Major Discount Broker Anywhere, ST Business Development Specialist 1999 – 2002 ·Worked in a branch office as an Investment Counselor for high net worth clients. ·Worked to leverage Brokerage services to generate additional sales opportunities. ·Partnered with private money managers to bring more of their clients onto the Brokerage platform. ·Developed content and presented at numerous seminars designed to increase client investment knowledge. Major Brokerage Firm Anywhere, ST Financial Advisor 1998 – 1999 ·Responsible for managing all aspects of the sales cycle from prospect acquisition to final sales closing. ·Learned basic selling skills and how to be tenacious in a high pressure sales environment. ·Learned aspects of a broad range of financial products and services. Major Insurance and Annuity Firm Anywhere, ST Sales Agent and Registered Representative 1997 – 1998 ·Responsible for developing a book of clients through cold calling and hard selling techniques. ·Learned how to leverage contacts to increase referral business. ·Learned how to approach gate keepers to successfully reach the decision maker. Additional Information Coordinator for Breakfast Plus– We prepare and serve meals to approx 100 homeless persons each Saturday and Sunday morning. Accomplishments: Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, Private Pilot, Eagle Scout, Concert Percussionist Interests: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping, Traveling International and Cultural Experience: Visits to England, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Japan, Wales, Mexico, and Holland