HELP!! Problem while registering for Level 2

Hey guys, I am trying to register for Level 2 now. But I am facing a major issue. Can someone help? I cleared Level 1 last June. Now when I opened my account page on CFA website, there was the option to register for Level 2. While registering, I made some changes to email id, phone no., even changed the order of my name ( first name-second name to second name-first name). Then, it said that a new record has to be created to incorporate this. I think I saved it. So now on my account page, I cannot see Level 2 registration link. Instead I can only see a Level 1 registration link. Has anyone faced this issue. Can some one please help? It’s the last day for registration. BTW, I am from India, and there is no Customer Service Executive available for India at this time. Can some one please help???

there is a drop down for email support once you login into ur cfa account. still, you may be better of calling them in their offpeak hours (like before 8.30 AM EST)

Better idea: Don’t register.

I hear the same thing happened to qqqbee when he tried to register for level 2.

I guess it is the change of the name that caused this to happen - can’t think of other reasons honestly … If you cleared it last June, why did you keep registration till now? Call the U.S. number instead to solve the problem … My real advice, however, is what Palantir suggested :slight_smile: Good luck anyways

I agree. it is not worthy to register in Mar (unless u are on top of EOC). If you instead want some practice, better try those Mocks and other practice exams.