Help related to 3 chaps in Quants

hey guys i am having serious trouble in chapters like common probability distribution, sampling and estimation & hypothesis testing.

Can anyone provide me with some simpler or hand made notes for understanding this topics more easily?

It would be greatful of you.

email me at


Did anyone get back to you on this? if yes I would love to find out how they helped


Have you guys tried

This place has wonderful videos which help you get the basics right in statistics. What more, its free :slight_smile: Apologies I dont have my notes with me now, but this site should help you better IMHO.

Elan’s free trial has all their QM videos for free. FWIW: I found them very useful and comprehensive.

imo, when it comes to stat’s you really only have one option, and that’s to practice the hell out of it

Yeah Khan Academy is an excellent free resource. Do watch their videos out if you are struggling in basics. Once you get a hang of it, then you can watch the elan free videos.

Thank you

Focus on the concepts and don’t worry as much about formulas.