Help: Schweser Q Bank is Including Past Questions

Hello, After completing 50% of the exam questions with no issues, all of a sudden Schweser is including past question when I create a new exam. (Include previous questions and include previously answered incorrect questions are unchecked.) Anyone else have this issue? It is very frustrating as I want a fresh exam. Probably unrelated but also frustrating, my internet connection is having massive packet loss (I hate Comcast). Which sucks because I can’t take a CFAI exam in place of Schweser if my internet keeps going down.

Thats a known issue. You cannot exclude previously attempted questions.

I find 2007 book 6 is basicly a rotation of same six sets of practice of 2006. Should also note some questions were changed to reflect the new LOS. I can confirm isolated answer were wrong too. I am not sure about 2008.

Kochunni is there a fix for this problem?

Anybody run into this issue? I would like to be able to take a fresh exam…