HELP?? Will I make it on time?

Hello folks,

I have signed up for the CFA Level 1 exam in June few weeks ago and have been studying this whole time, 4,5h a day …

I have completed and exceled in the Ethics section, it’s real easy but now I have seen the other, more complex sections and have no idea will I make it on time? It’s just so time consuming, there is quite a lot …

I am good at math, I understand finance, but this is just terrible!!

Please, HELP me, how did you study? How did you know if you will make it on time or not?? There’s 66 days left, I will study 5-6 hours daily and I have no ide will it be worth it or not.

HELP! There’s a thread on how to finish studying in 60 days. Hope this helps.

all you have is ethics done? You are behind the curve.

Yeah, that’s what I think … what can I do??

FIrst, ethics might seem easy, but its usually pretty difficult because it can be a bit subjective. I’d suggest putting down ethics, and do Quant, FI, FRA, and Euity first (or whatever the heaviest weighted topics are). Then if you have time do the rest. It is possible to nail the biggest subjects and fail the rest and still pass. I dont recommend this, but its a place to start. COme May, make sure to do some ethics each day, to keep it fresh. I recommend the Schweser MP3s for the Ethics, which I listened to on repeat during my commute for all three levels. Youll be surprised what you pick up.

Let me get this straight. You’ve been studying 4-5 hours a day for a few weeks, and you’re just now done with Ethics? You’ve put in 100 hours for only 15% of the exam?

You’re good at math and understand finance, but think that the Level 1 curriculum is “just terrible”? What part of the Level 1 curriculum has you so despondent that you don’t even know where to begin?

I started studying at the beginning of October and took the December test, and passed it. How? I used the Nike model of studying–I just did it. Pick up the pace and stop posting on AF. If you don’t understand something, move on.

It’s more somthing like 50 hours, but yes … I know that I do have to study real hard from now on if I want to make it, but I don’t know what route to take … Moreover, I don’t know if I’ll make it on time either? How can I know that for sure?

well, you are good at math and you understand finance so I’m assuming you have some kind of finance background. TBH, Level I should mostly be review. I know a few people that passed with just 1 month of studying while working full time.

I put in about 80 hours over 2 months and passed. Topics like Quant, Corporate Finance, Econ, Derivatives and most of FRA should be purely review, especially if you just finished undergrad. I just read summaries for those topics and did the questions and moved on, which was more than enough.

I do have some kind of finance background, but nevertheless I panic … I don’t know if I’ll make it on time or not … does anyone have any tips on how to calculate that?

I’ve read the thread from above … but can anyone refer me to the useful tips where I can get some extra help?

Well … just to keep you updated - it’s been going rather well … 40 days to go, hopefully that’ll be enough!